The King is Dead

The Kingdom of Brandelise is without a successor. The Queen, Robin Blackbourne, and her daughter Isabella, have been exiled to one of the country estates, shunned by the court. Now, a group of nobles, all with their eyes on the throne, jockey and maneuver for positioning. All the while, the border wars with the Orcs in the north rage on.

Martin Lector, doctor and assassin, has escaped from prison into the Low Quarter of Sagramour, holing up with members of his old street gang. Darrin Bridger, the disreputable swordsman, has spent the the last few months healing from a grievous wound in the care of the now widowed Queen. Genevieve Rodenberg, pregnant with the Duke’s child, maintains the estate of her lover. All three have strained their resources maintaining themselves after the King’s death.

Burning Fail: Redux

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