Genevieve Rodenberg

Widow, Court Darling & Covert Mistress of Duke Devereux


Age: 28

Belief #1: The duke has crossed the line and doesn’t show proper gratitude for all we’ve done for him. He will either agree to marry me and stop being a dick or I will sink this ship with both of us on board.
Belief #2: There is going to be fierce competition for the throne. I will do whatever it takes to make sure the Duke claims it, and I’ll start by taking Sir Sernan out of the running. First I’ll win Sir Coen to our side.
Belief #3: The dwarf’s desires can’t be met and the request will drive the Duke to make bad decisions, i will either convince him to settle for a lesser price or find blackmail material.

Instinct: Always be fashionably late.
Instinct: Always make the Duke jealous at court and in company.
Instinct: Always protect my stomach.

Lifepath #1 Born Nobel
Lifepath #2 Young Lady (Noble Subset)
Lifepath #3 Lady
Lifepath #4 Poisoner

Character Traits
Tidy Aspect

Die Traits
Mark Of Privilege

Call On
Sonorous Voice (C/O for Persuasion, Suasion & Seduction)
Charming (C/O Soothing Platitudes)

Will: B6
Perception: B4
Power: B2
Forte: B2
Agility: B6
Speed: B5

Health: B4
Steel: B5
Reflexes: B5
Mortal Wound: B8

Reputation: Life of the Party (1D)
Reputation: Most Eligible Widow (1D)
Affiliation (1D): Blackbourne Court
Relationship: Queen Robin Blackbourne (Moderate, Sister, Rival)
Relationship: Duke Alexander Devereux (Major, Romantic)
Relationship: Duchess Kathrine Devereux (Moderate, Rival)

Gears, Possessions and Property
Personal Effect: Poison Vial (RIP Lord Rodenberg)

Poisons: B3
Etiquette: B3
Write: B2
Sleight of Hand: B3
Conspicuous: B3
Dance: B2
Rumor Wise: B2
Soothing Platitudes: B3
Persuasion: B5
Estate Management: B2
Cooking: B2
Inconspicuous: B4
Disguise: B2
Seduction: B5
Doctrine: B2
Read: B2
Estate Wise: B2
Staff Wise: B2
Court Wise: B2
Field Dressing: B2
Musical Instrument: B3
Court Gossip Wise: B3


A victim of an arranged marriage, Genevieve killed lost her husband a year or so after their daughter died. Since then she’s lived life large at court despite the Queen’s best attempts to kick her out, entertaining and rejecting all offers to remarry. It’s rumored she’s helping to keep Duke Devereux’s bed warm but no one worth their salt would dare murmur that too loudly.

Genevieve Rodenberg

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