Sir Coen Dawnsever

Knight returning from behind battle lines in the orc war


Age: 28
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 185 lbs
Lifepaths: Born Noble, Page, Squire, Knight
-I have changed since the war, and it would be better if I convinced Helen I was dead instead of seeing who I’ve become.
-I will reconcile with Darrin after causing him to be rejected from squire college
-My mentor, Sir Bael Sernan, is the next in line for the throne, and I will work to help him secure the throne.

-Always draw sword and shield when feeling physically threatened
-When out in the open, always scout for cover
-Never trust the intent of a non-human

-Lame (right leg mutilated in battle, walks with limp, stride -1)
-Mark of Privilege
-Sworn Homage

-Hard to Kill (minor, among soldier types)

-Mark of Privilege (1D among Nobility)

-Sir Bael Sernan, mentor who trained me to survive (significant)
-Helen, girl I courted before heading to war 3 years ago (minor, romantic)
-Kent, brother who resents me for hoarding the glory (minor, immediate family, rival)

-Small Cottage
-Light Mail with Heater Shield
-Warhorse named Gar
-Run of the mill sword
-companion ferret named Odin


Coen was raised a typical young noble boy in House Dawnsever. He excelled in athletics and the path of knighthood was all but assured. His brother Kent struggled where Coen succeeded, and instead chose the path of the more analytically minded, becoming a court Chronicler.

While a page and squire, Coen courted a young lady named Helen of House [HERP DERP]. He promised to find her again after his tour was over. His path met with Darrin Bridger, and established a rapport. One day, they decided to teach some local thugs a lesson, and an innocent bystander was killed as a result. Coen passed all blame to Darrin, causing him to be rejected as a squire. Coen remembers that episode vividly, and sees his maiming as karmic retribution for what he had done to Darrin.

After his return, Coen decided it would be best to not find Helen again, and let her think he was dead, considering his change in appearance and personality.

He has instead devoted himself to championing the cause of his mentor, Sir Bael Sernan, whose wise instruction led to Coen’s survival behind enemy lines.

Sir Coen Dawnsever

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