Martin Lector (Shipwright)

Latest physician to the Duke.


Martin Lector, Duke’s new physician. Born, Martin Shipwright

Human Stock, 28 years old, LPs: City, Desperate Killer, Student, Doctor

Darrin and Genevieve are the closest to friends that I have, so I will aid and advise them any way I can.
No one threatens my employer. The Fraternity of Shadowed Steel is going DOWN!
I must gather eyes and ears around the kingdom, so I should form my own assassins guild.

Always answer an insult with an insult.
Always carry my dirk.
Always keep some handy poisons about my person.

Desperate (Char) Rabble Rouser (Char) Frustrated (Char)
Deadly Precision—Knives (Dt): Use Knives exponent (B5) for IMS instead of Power)
Scheming (Dt): +1D to body of argument
Glib (C-O): Soothing Platitudes, Seduction, Falsehood
Ear for Voices (Dt, pg 323)

Will B5
Perception B5
Agility B4
Forte B3
Speed B5
Power B3

Steel B3
Reflexes B4
Hesitation 6
Health B1
Resources B2
Stride 7
Circles B4
Mortal Wound B9

Uncle: Henric Shipwright: Unknown to Martin, Henric sold his family out to Leofric, resulting in their death and Martin’s years of torture. Henric doesn’t recognize his nephew now that he’s grown, and Martin doesn’t know his uncle’s involvement.

Anatomy B2
Apothecary B4
Bloodletting B2
Brawling B2
Falsehood B3
History B2
Inconspicuous B3
Knives B5
Persuasion B2
Read B2
Rule of Law B2
Soothing Platitudes B3
Streetwise B3
Stealthy B2
Surgery B2
Write B2
Assassination-Wise B2
City-Wise B3
Dirty Secret-Wise B2

Superior Dagger: IMS—3/6/9 Add: 1 WS: X VA: 1
Clothes, shoes, finery, apothecary toolkit*, bloodletting toolkit, surgical toolkit*, traveling gear, book of medicine.

*Toolkit is expendable. After use roll DoF. On a 1, the toolkit is used up.


Martin was born to a small, but influential, merchant family that regulated the harbor trade in the capital city. Unfortunately for them, Leofric used the harbor to traffic the supplies necessary for his demon summoning. Martin’s father, Mathias, approached his own brother, Henric about the situation. However, Henric betrayed the family to Leofric in return for the business.

Young Martin was captured instead of slain, and taken by the twisted court wizard, who had need of him for his rituals—torturing the poor child to summon demons and increase his own dark power.

Eventually Martin escaped, and plotted his revenge. He has returned under the guise of a physician, using the Duke to get close to Leofric. Soon, wrongs shall be put right.

Martin Lector (Shipwright)

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